Monday, May 2, 2011

Road Trip, etc.

Despite my best efforts to re-motivate, it hasn't happened.  I continue to be in a "rest stage" for my diet.  While I have been riding a little more, I have pretty much abandoned the two a day routine.  I assure you this is for no good reason.  Pure, unadulterated laziness.
While I still try to make reasonable food choices, I also go on glorious binges.  Case in point, last weekend's road trip.
Last week Cobourn invited me to accompany he and Moody to his parents vacation home in Montrose CO.  He said it was about an hour outside Fruita, and coincidentally it was the same weekend as the Fruita Fat Tire Festival.
The plan was to hit a grocery store and eat at the house for the most part.  Seems like a reasonable choice for somebody who is on a diet right?  With this in mind, I didn't think anything about stopping at Grogg's in Carbonville for a nice, big, greasy burger.  We were going to be riding all weekend so certainly one little discretion wouldn't matter much.  We arrived pretty late in the evening in Montrose.  Shot the shit for a little while and headed off to bed.  We'd head to the trails and festival in the morning and grab groceries on the way back.
On our way into town, we decided to find a diner for breakfast.  Stopped in Delta, Colorado and I made my selection. 3 slices of French Toast, Bacon, Eggs, Toast.  Notice how I wisely avoided the starchy hashbrowns?  I'm a rock.
The weather quickly dampened the riding and after just about five miles or so, we decided to bag it and head into town for the festival.  Stopping at Smashburger in Grand Junction for lunch.  With the guilt still stinging from the burger the night before, I got a Chicago Dog.  And a strawberry milkshake.
The weather seemed to have affected attendance at the festival as well, so after only a short time we headed to the grocery store for supplies to last the weekend.  It wasn't my fault that Bratwurst and Chorizo were on sale.  Although I am the one that pointed it out.  And soon I was cooking my semi-famous "Team Clammy Chamois" post-race Brats.  I only had two.  And four Cadbury egg's for dessert.  They were on sale too.  Moody also contributed with his bacon-wrapped asparagus.  And Cobourn sure knows how to toss a salad.(Hurr-hurr-hurrrr)
Saturday morning brought Chorizo breakfast tacos.  Half and Half makes for extra fluffy eggs in case you were wondering.  Once we made it to the trails Moody would find out that Chorizo is not the fuel of champions. Or at least that it's not pleasant to exert yourself while burping Chorizo.  I, on the other hand am conditioned to run on garbage and had no such discomfort. I'm like the Delorian in Back To The Future.  I can synthesize energy out of common, ordinary garbage.  Of course I had three, Moody only had two.  That's probably what the problem was.  After an excellent day on the trails we made our way back to the house and cooked the pre-stuffed chicken breasts we had picked up. There wasn't a lot to them, other than enough cheese to melt out and completely cover the entire baking sheet they were cooked on.  There were only three of us, so somebody had to eat the fourth one.  You can't waste food.
Sunday we finished off the eggs and tortilla's, packed up, drove to the Kokopelli trails, rode seven miles and bee-lined it to Ray's Tavern in Green River for Ray's famous 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger.
In hind-sight, I'm not sure all those meals were exactly "Tub o' Guts" approved.
Allright I blew it.  But the good thing is, that even though I ate like it was my last weekend on earth.  I came home and am still holding steady in the mid 170's.  To top that off, I rode up the south side of Suncrest today in 20:25, stop-sign to stop-sign.  Frankly I've never put a clock to it before.  But it felt faster than I usually do it.  With roughly 20 miles and 1600 ft of climbing...aah it's not enough to get ready for the Crusher, but it's something.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 176.4
  • 19.2%
  • Total Weight Loss:23.4


  1. Some guys go to Thailand for sex vacations. Sound like you went to Fruita for a food orgy.

  2. Thailand probably would have burned more calories.