Monday, June 24, 2013


So I did another race Saturday.  Race #3 in the USCS Series at Round Valley.  It was a pretty standard XC race.  Shorter laps, no need for support, etc.  I have only ever ridden at Round Valley once before.  It was the 2012 edition of this same race.
Having recently revisited a blog I haven't read in a long time, I realized that it is self-absorbed and pretentious to drag out race reports with minutes at a time play by play.  So I will keep the race report minimal.  I will get self absorbed and pretentious about the circumstances that led up to the race, and the analysis of my performance.
Essentially, it went as expected.
After Cobourn posted his manifesto about categories and upgrading, I decided on principle to upgrade to expert.  This means I am now in the same category as people like Brian Tolbert, Ryan Blaney and Stewart Goodwin.  Same category on paper.  Entirely different category as far as performance.  It also means I am in the same category as Cobourn, and just about every race I do these days is basically a way for us to measure our penises against each other. That is to say, measure them without putting them against each other. These days he has about an inch on me judging by race results.
With the upgrade came an extra 8.8 mile lap.  Bringing the race distance to around 26 miles.  That is the second longest dirt ride I have done this year.  The first being the WB50 from the previous post. I wasn't worried about the distance.  I was a little worried about not being completely embarrassed.
Went out slow and then tried to go fast.  Didn't quite work out that way. About 6 miles in I had a missed turn followed by a minor mechanical which gave Cobourn and Bobby Swenson the opportunity to get by me.  I never saw Cobourn again.  I did see Bobby again.  Upside down at the end of the second lap and bleeding.  I only wish the results would post the DNF's because then I could say I beat two people.(Bobby's fine BTW).
I finished the race "Damn Near DFL".  I beat one guy.  I came in about 15 minutes behind the winner of my category. Which feels better to say than it did at the finish line. I can't really compare myself to the Sport racers because they only did two laps.  But I feel pretty good about it.  Cobourn was the next racer ahead of me and I think he beat me by 2 minutes.  I can live with that.
Training wise, I have slacked over the last week. But I think the recovery might have done me some good.
As far as the bathroom scale is concerned, when I got home from the race I weighed 181.3.
That is awesome. When this little battle begain I was crowding "The Deuce".  If I keep this up I will be in the 170's soon.  That's the least fluffy I have been in two years.  I have lost ALMOST 20 pounds.  I am to the point where I can stop focusing on losing weight, and start focusing on trying to be faster.  I am setting a realistic goal for the Crusher of 6:30.  My best time of the two previous years was 7:00.  It will take some work.  And some work ethic.  My next biggish ride is this weekend at the Bear Lake Monster Cross.  Hundred mile gravel grinder.  6K or so of climbing.  It will also be the maiden voyage for Commander Beverly Crusher(My new bike).  Something will probably go wrong.

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