Monday, July 15, 2013

The Next Twenty

Every time I do the Crusher I swear off all bike races for the rest of the year.  At least while I am actually racing the Crusher.  This year was  no different.  I'm pretty sure I am done racing bikes til cross season.
At this point, for this go around, I have lost as much weight as I ever have I am down 20 pounds since the dreaded deuce.
I have become a faster cyclist.  Faster than I was anyway. I am also looking pretty good naked if I do say so myself.  I have to because no one else will say it.
But I am not done.
I look at all of the guys who are slaughtering these races and they are still at LEAST 20 pounds lighter than me.  At the risk of sounding like an anorexic high school girl.  I want to be skinnier.  I still have a big wad of chewed bubble gum around my waist. I am not sure how much weight I need to lose to get rid of that. But I am ready to move into phase two which is to lean up. The improvement I showed this year at the Crusher starts the wheels turning that I might be able to improve that much again.  I am certainly not predicting that next year I will be competing for a top ten spot in the age groupers at the Crusher but I now believe that it is as least plausible that I could improve that much.  There is a whole winter between me and next year so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.
With no event on the immediate horizon to shoot for I am going to have to find a new goal.  I haven't quite sorted that out yet. I would like to lose another 20 pounds. I have at least that much in man-breasts and gut.
I am debating taking a drastic step.  I may start doing something like Cross Fit.  Cobourn asked me if that means I have to buy a pair of those stupid Vibram toe shoes.  God, I hope not.
I don't really know anything about Cross Fit other than there are probably going to be kettle bells involved. I have used weights a little in the past and they seem to have helped a lot. Not totally committed on the Crossfit thing yet.  I'll have to fast and pray about it.  Heavy on the fast.
Short term, keep eating better and riding.  Long term, try to make the changes permanent.  Just say no to the breakfast burrito.

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