Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Off Again

Crappy week so far.  After the "race", I took a week or so to recover. 12 miles at significantly below race pace is pretty taxing afer all.
For some reason I just can NOT get into the groove of the diet.  There is a magic point I have found where doing good feels good.  It has been a while, but when I get into the training groove, there are days where I start to get a little charge out of eating right.  In the past it is because when I compare notes with Jeff Orr, the diet becomes yet another way to measure penis size.  When we are both going full steam, team meetings at the bike shop go like this...
"You know what I had for lunch today? A piece of turkey and a string cheese."
"Oh yeah, well I had a fistful of almonds and eight cups of raw spinach."
"I haven't had a carb for two and a half weeks."
"I'm on a juice cleanse."
I suspect that we are both lying usually.  Jeff tends to follow up his descriptions of what he ate with "Nom, nom, nom.." sounds.
Despite the competitive glory, when I'm doing well, I get home from work and try to extend a day of good eating.  If I get a little hungry I actually feel compelled to workout to kill the pangs.  It doesn't always work, and I occasionally binge, but I am quick to correct.
Today was an excellent example of my lousy commitment level lately.  I was called out to work late last night, got home at 1 am then had to be at a meeting in Salt Lake at 7am. Now I had been to spin class yesterday morning, and had packed a good lunch for two days in a row.  Should have done well. I woke up a little late and had to scramble to be on time.  Skipped my usual "good" breakfast of Greek yogurt and a protein shake. Then I get to the meeting and they had doughnuts. I should say, I had doughnuts.  Three of them.  They were damn good.  Doughnut one seemed okay. I figure about 400 calories.  That's okay, I can make that work.  Protein shake and yogurt is only slightly less than that.  The meeting drags on. Forever.  Miserable soul crushing meeting.  Walking out and passed the doughnuts again. Hell yes I'll have another.  It's going to be a long day and I'm planning to ride tonight.  Got stuck waiting for somebody at the office.  Aww screw it, I'll just have another. Not sure why.  It just looked so damn good.
Lunch came and I figured I'd just give up.  Went to Wendy's.  You can have a medium combo meal and not have it be terrible.  When your lack of impulse control kicks in and you add a delicious Spicy Chicken Go Wrap you end up with regrets.
Got home and the weather was beautiful.  Met Jeff for an easy spin.  Base miles.  That's a thing right? We did a little exploring of the Murdock canal trail.  Which made me wonder, why the hell would they do that thing in half mile segments divided by one mile segments.?  Start at one end and work your way to the other, how hard is that?  As it was, we rode to the end of the pavement turned around.  Made our way to the next section on surface streets. Half mile, pavement ends.  Stupid.  Ended up in Lehi and started riding around the north end of town where I grew up.  Doug Kolan thinks Lehi sucks but who cares what he thinks.  Rode northwesterly and soon dropped down into Christofferson Creek. Just as I did, I remembered what is on the other side of Christofferson Creek.  Killer's Hill.  Not long, but STEEP.  I don't know how it is now, but in the 80's there were a lot of arms broken on that hill by stupid kids with skateboards and low intelligence.  There was a time in my life that I was afraid to ride my Huffy BMX down Killer's and wouldn't consider trying to pedal up it.
We made it. Jeff beat me.  He is sandbagging lately by doing Crossfit with a private coach several nights a week. I think he's lost twenty pounds.  I think I found it.(That is one of my Dad's favorite jokes).  Took about a five mile detour to avoid any other steep hills on the way home.
Came home and made at least one other stupid food decision.  Doubled up on leftover Tater-Tot Casserole.  It ends up that Franks's is a far superior condiment for casseroles than Cholula is.  That's what these tests are for.
Hopefully offset the self-defeating choices I made earlier in the day by riding. Even slow.
Tomorrow it will be back to Spin class, maybe a ride in the evening, and then a sweaty throng of people Friday night.  Flogging Molly's in town bitches!!!

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