Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No seriously...startiiiiiing NOW.

Two months almost since I felt compelled to explain my lack of effort in diet and training.  Not sure what my problem is.  Well, I do.  It's that I am unable to control myself when it comes to shit food.  My other problem is that I am incredibly lazy.
Two things have happened recently that may help to change that.  At least the lazy part.  First, I got a new mountain bike.  A Scott Spark.  Another racy-ish 29er. Loving it so far.  Going back to a double chainring takes a little getting used to.  Recently I figured out that the new clutch rear derailleurs do not tolerate cross chaining.  I also figured out that when you just spent a year on a 1x10 you cross chain a lot.  No broken chains yet but a lot of swear words.  No new swear words just the same ones.  New bikes have a positive effect on motivation.  The only thing that needs to happen now is for the high country to open up.  I am burning out on trails below 6K.
The other positive is that the Murdock Canal trail has been finished.  This has helped me rediscover the roadie.  I live pretty close to the middle of the trail. The good news is I am remembering that I really like my road bike. A lot. I can head east or west for two distinctly different rides. Both free of cars with the exception of a bunch of intersections in Pleasant Grove.  American Fork and Lehi dug tunnels for their intersections.  What's your problem PG?  East is a rolling but mostly flat  run through Pleasant Grove and Lindon.  Both times I've ridden it I have opted to push it.  In my current state of fitness that isn't saying much but twenty steady miles trying to maintain 20mph is a killer way to start a day.  Heading west takes you from the center of American Fork all the way out to Adobe at the north end of Lehi.  Going out is generally downhill and fast.  But again with smooth asphalt you can push as hard as you want.  Right in the middle of that section is the Dry Creek gully.  Basically a big pit behind the Smith's on Timpanogos Highway.  Down one side then up the other.  A firm little kick in the balls to keep you honest. Alternating those two morning rides with the standard loop up through Alpine and occasional climbs up AF Canyon may just get me back into the habit of being late for work.  In a good way.
With summer coming I am starting to WANT to ride my bike again.  Which is a welcome return to normal.  The slow in coming spring for some reason just pushed me onto the couch. Plan is to ride every day.  Twice when possible.  Road in the morning and dirt in the evening is a great use of a day.
That just leaves diet.  I may need an intervention.  After a hard ride into a cold headwind that I was honestly pretty proud of this morning.  I had a nice healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt.  Followed by two roller-taquitos.  Wings and fries for lunch.  Two doughnuts in the afternoon.  And a sensible dinner.  WTF?!?
It's like I want to be fat. Jeff made the astute observation that he could easily out-eat any exercise that he does.  Ditto.  Historically the only time I gain any ground on my obesity is when I manage to improve my diet.  I have done it.  I can do it.  But I have yet to do it this go around.  I improved briefly for a couple weeks a few months ago.  Dropped the foamy fat by about 8 pounds.  Held it there for a couple more weeks without much riding/training.  Then slowly started to eat trash again until soon I was back to crowding the deuce(200#). I have ridden almost every day for the last week or so.  Including at least one long dirt ride and several "hard" road rides, but the weight is like a bad one night stand that left me with a treatable but antibiotic-resistant STD.  It's about suppression.
Ten weeks til Crusher.  Shit.

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  1. Maybe it is time you and I had friendly fat ass wager? Each of us puts up $200 first to lose 20 gets the cash?