Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Thing

This weekend I tried a new and novel type of exercise.  It involves propelling yourself with some velocity using a two-wheeled apparatus.  I believe it was called Sykling, or some such thing.
That's right, I actually got on a bike this weekend. And not a stationary one. With the clear air and warmer temperatures it was hard to resist.  I had originally planned to go by myself.  Better to suffer in silence and exaggerate the results than to have any witnesses to the event.  But Friday evening Cobourn started sending Facebook messages.  The thing about Facebook messages is that people can tell if you've seen and then ignored them.  Soon I was getting texts that said "I KNOW YOU SAW THAT MESSAGE!"  I couldn't avoid it any longer.
Since I was on call for work I had to persuade Cobourn to take a shorter route with bailout options.   It took some convincing but he finally caved in.(<----Sarcasm)  Originally an 80 mile route, then a 50, by the time we were done we clocked in around 22 miles.  It was so good to be out though. Our return route sent us around Dimple Dell Park which I had never done before.  Not sure who the bastard is that put the 12% climb at the end of what would otherwise be a lovely scenic ride.  As I was grunting up the last few hundred yards I heard somebody shout "Woo-hoo!" Looking back there were some kids sledding on the hill behind me.  When I looked back one of the little girls shouted out "Keep going, you can do it!"  Which at once embarrassed and motivated me.  As Cobourn later said, if it wasn't so adorable it would have seemed patronizing.
I had been back on the wagon food wise. Several days of eating clean. Since I take the weekends off I find myself rationalizing a lot on Fridays.  Friday morning is part of the weekend, right? I went into a Maverik just to get a drink and noticed something that caught my eye in the hot counter.  The Maverik "Breakfast Beast".  It looked interesting enough.  Bacon, sausage, ham, eggs, and cheese.  It appeared to be on some kind of Ciabatta bread and looked delicious.  I bought it and shuffled out to my van to eat it like some kind of pervert getting his porno.  I opened up the plastic box it was in and took a big bite.   The fancy bread was actually a freaking doughnut.  Even I have my limits.  That thing was disgusting.  It had a squirt of some kind of Maple sauce on the bottom.  I hate maple.  I put peanut butter and jelly on pancakes and waffles.  I was forced to chuck the bun/doughnut and scrape the maple jizz off the meat and my tongue.  It felt like God was instantly punishing me for a bad food decision.  I showed him, and went to  Five Guys for dinner.
With the ride, and a slightly less depressed attitude toward training I would call the weekend a positive.  We'll see how that carries into the next week.

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