Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Overwhelming demand for an update on my chubby status today.  Here's the thing.  Totally off the wagon.  Maybe not totally, but I have not exercised for a couple weeks.  The flu thing, the Frozen Hog thing, that lazy as hell thing.  I do have a minor excuse in that both my mountain bike and my road bike are currently going through a warranty replacement process.  This means they are both sitting at the shop.  I could ride my fixie, or either one of my cross bikes, or one of the several half assembled outdated P.O.S.'s in the shed but I have not.
I'm considering buying rollers.  I'm not sure why I think that might help.  I have two trainers and am loathe to ride either one of them.  Maybe the added excitement of careening off into a wall due to a lapse in attention will do the trick.
Spent some time at the shop today listening "Big Rick" hand out training advice. That dude loves rollers. And he is apparently awesome at them. I am not sure that I will be awesome at them but Rick has lots of ideas for intervals and such. Intervals...yay!
I am missing exactly one major thing in this regimen.  Motivation in the form of a goal.  Two years ago I had yet to complete the Crusher in the Tushar. I was not sure I would be able to do it.  So out of fear, I worked hard to up my chances of being able to finish.  The race has a 9 hour cutoff. I didn't think I would be able to finish what was originally supposed to be an 80 mile race with 12K feet of climbing in that time. Once in century snowfall forced alteration of the course and it ended up slightly shorter with slightly less climbing. 70 miles, 10K of climbing.  Still a bitch mind you, but shorter. The course has not been altered since it's inception. That year, I was in better shape than I had been since the 90's.  Not threatening a podium position or anything but I had a goal, and worked toward that goal. Got a little sick a month before the race and backslid just a touch. Short story long I completed the race with a slightly below average time but I survived.
The following year I did not train. I signed up again because it was so fun the first time(<---sarcasm).  I was a little scared about my ability to finish the race again but I wasn't much heavier than the year before and I had some more appropriate gearing.  Did the race and was only 30 mins slower.  It was cold and rainy and that weather favors the pudgey.  That year I also signed up for the Park City Point to Point.  A mostly singletrack race with more climbing. The ads for the race ask the question "Can You Do It?"  The answer to that question ended up being "Yes."  Out of sheer good fortune the weather was shitty for that one too.  So shitty they cut 12 miles off the course.  So, I was able to finish with the asterisk that it was a shortened course.  Signed up again for the Crusher in the Tushar, probably take a pass on the P2P.
The takeaway from all this is that blue collar work ethic and determination are enough to drag my ass across just about any finish line I set out for.  The downside is that it makes me feel like I don't really have to train.  The only remaining motivation to lose weight is the look good naked thing.  At this point I'm thinking of trying to get into chubby guy porn.  They say there's an ass for every seat.
Still down about 10 pounds from where I started. I just need to find something to get my ass out of bed at 5 am.  Anybody want to volunteer to be my wake up call?
Morning Weigh in:

  • 190.5
  • 25.6%
  • Total weight loss 9.5 lbs.

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