Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Off track.  The flu thing followed IMMEDIATELY by the Frozen Hog made it pretty impossible to  do anything consistently. Most of my cardio came in the form of panicked reactions to weather.  As the race came closer I started to justify dietary indiscretions by telling myself I was offsetting them with stress and the occasional lap around the course.
It all culminated after the race.  Took a celebratory trip to The Rocky Mountain Wing Shack.  It's a little discouraging to be telling people you are in the midst of a training program and then walk into the "The Shack" and have the guy behind the counter know your order before you say it. (XX-Hot Lunch Special with Fries instead of Tots and  two fry sauces instead of Blue Cheese for the record.)
Sunday morning I was comfortably back into the 190's.
Depression set in and then it was the Super Bowl.  Now, for the record, I don't give two shits about the Super Bowl.  I have a bad habit of telling people how much I don't give two shits about the Super Bowl. But it's true.  I don't really care about commercials either.  Which of course, leaves food. The best thing about the Super Bowl as far as I'm concerned is food served buffet style. Magically I am protected from the food poisoning that could come from cocktail shrimp left on the counter for three hours. Veggie trays whose sole purpose is to be a vehicle for Ranch dressing.  Creative ways to combine candy and salty foods.  In a fun twist there were three versions of multi-layer dips.  Lots of guacamole/bean/sour cream/ type things.  They were rad.  What was cool was the "second half" meal.  Pretty much just a cookie sheet with "Buffalo-Style Chicken Tenders" out of the freezer.  It felt like I was cheating on the Wing Shack.  Technically I was cheating on my diet with the Wing Shack.  So I was basically cheating on my mistress.  I was in deep.
When I went to bed Sunday night I was feeling pretty puffy. I should have resolved that I was going to jump back in and hit the workouts really hard on Monday.  I didn't.
I managed to get back on the food wagon.  Busy days at work helped.  You'll notice I didn't weigh in on Monday.  I couldn't bring myself to. But after what I felt like was a pretty good food day I did weigh in on Tuesday morning and was pleasantly surprised. Back in the 180's.  So for those keeping track at home I am still down more than 10 pounds. Which AIN'T too shabby for pretty much taking a week off after the first week on.  I haven't worked out at all this week. That might get better, but diet wise I almost don't have to punch things in anymore because I just know what I can and can't eat. It's like I'm a dietician.
Hopefully back on that pony tomorrow.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 189.2
  • 24.3%
  • Total Weight Loss: 10.8 lbs

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