Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crawling Out Of My Hole

I am alive.
It was touch and go there for a bit but I may survive. After my last post my phone rang and I ended up having to go to work.  Which kind of sucked, but also kind of forced me to pull myself up by the bootstraps.  I came home early and slept a lot.
By yesterday, I felt better. The snow-pocalypse also kept me busy with constant snow removal.  We have a bargain basement single-stage snowblower that I bought when we lived in a house with a mile and a half or so of sidewalk.  It is way overkill for our current situation but it makes me ashamed so I keep going towards the neighbors, down the sidewalk etc.  The reason I bore you with this is because it represents the entirety of my exercise since last Thursday evening. No gym, no spin class.  Just following a two stroke engine around the neighborhood. I guess if I'm being honest I did take a 2.5 mile hike Saturday to mark the course for the Frozen Hog.  That was just a walk. As soon as the car was in sight I ran to it and headed for home.
Food wise I threw in the towel.  I didn't get totally out of line. Mostly just some passionate kissing. A little over the clothes action. Nothing that would get me thrown out of student housing at BYU. I assume. Never made it out of College Study Skills at the community college.  What were we talking about?
Oh yeah, food. More or less back on track today.  I went a little nuts at lunch but then TOTALLY redeemed myself by doing some nerd walking(snowshoeing) the Frozen Hog course which is now buried beneath  24 inches of blower pow.  Makes for a difficult bike race. We shall press on.
A little piece of awesomeness did come into my life.  By begging and whining I acquired a "Fatbike" to use for a couple days.
As you can see, a fat bike is a bike with morbidly obese tires. 4.7 inches bitches.  Made for riding snow, sand etc.  I believe it will be the next bike purchase I make. My maiden voyage will be tomorrow morning to try to ride the race course.  It will replace spin class. It will be WAY funner.

Morning Weigh-In:
No Data Available
I expect to have gained a couple tomorrow.
Not proud.

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