Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 53-54

Officially slacking.  All around.  After my ride Saturday, I was feeling pretty superior to all the chubby folks out there.  Then I spent the entire day Sunday napping, and eating cinnamon rolls, with cream cheese frosting.  In my defense I was recovering from self-performed-surgery.  You see, I have a genetic disposition referred to as "covered in moles and skin-tags".  It's really pretty gross.  For years I have had a huge one in my "down there" region.  I had a little bout of insomnia Saturday night and was on the couch watching TV. I also have a propensity for scratching my gear when I'm mindlessly watching television.  At 2:30 in the am I decided to bust out the scalpel and take that sucker off.  I nearly died.  Aron Ralston ain't got nothing on me.  Would it make you think I was a little more hard core if I told you I did it solely for the weight loss benefits?  Maybe not for the weight loss, but definitely for the vanity of the thing.  Looking good naked is in both the mission statement and masthead of this little endeavor.
I did manage to make it to the gym this morning, lifted for an hour and must have done something wrong because when I got home my back was all screwed up.  I haven't had this much back pain in years.  I don't do anything that really strains your back.  Mostly machines, bench press, you know, sissy stuff.  I did do a few pull ups this morning, and by a few I mean my sets went eight, then five, then three.  But I can't see how that would have caused my spine to buckle.  Also, I have decided not to do pull-ups anymore.
Breakfast was allright, but since I was rushing at lunch, I hit the Maverik for some hot counter fare.  Not my best food decision ever.  Nothing called a "Steak and Cheese Bundle" can be a healthy food choice.  Also, I'm not sure there was anything I would consider steak or cheese in that bundle.
With my motivation waining I came home and plopped down in front of the computer.  And like a pillar of light from the heavens, the site for the "Crusher In The Tushar" is finally up.
Historically, the only bike races I enter are the weird ones.  If it's just a contest to see who's best at exercising I don't have much interest.  Add in some snow or adverse conditions, a 24 hour relay, a slingshot biathlon, anything to make it unique and you have my attention.  The Crusher had me at Hello.
Billed as a Roadirt race, not even the choice of  what type of bike to ride is clear.  You start in beautiful downtown Beaver, Utah, and from there climb 12,350 feet on a combination of dirt roads and paved roads to Eagle Point ski resort.  There is just something effed up about that.  And that something is why I am totally down with this race.  I intend to ride my Cyclocross bike. Skinny tires, and a good five or six pounds lighter than any mountain bike I've ever owned.  The drop bars mean I can get low on the descents.  I may consider putting on a triple.  But that might be a little too immasculating. Not like admitting to the world you cut a skin-tag off you nutsack with a razor for vanity's sake.
Now I have a real reason to get skinny.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 180.4
  • 21.2%
  • Total Weight Loss: 19.6

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