Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 48-52

I confess.  I have somewhat abandoned the diet portion of this uhhh, diet.  Not permanently mind you.  But, through a combination of laziness, several offers of free lunch, and one Friday afternoon "screw it" lunch at Rocky Mountain Wing Shak I reached the end of the week without having any honest to goodness diet days.  But here's the thing.  I'm holding steady under 180 pounds.
I am also riding a lot more which makes a difference.  Having a new road bike has made the road seem much more appealing.  Not that I am abandoning mountain biking by any means.  But with Lambert Park being the only nearby singletrack that's viable.  The hum of skinny tires on asphalt under a sexy new bike is currently a little more enticing.  Tuesday ZenMasterKenny called me about an evening ride up Suncrest.  Felt good, and I learned that the new rig descends like a fallen angel(that's a good thing). When the weather got fantastic on Thursday, I had an appointment to install a new sink for my in-laws and didn't ride.  On Friday, with the weather still being fantastic, I cut out of work early to take advantage.  I had also recently acquired a Garmin Edge 500 GPS computer.  Which is now the coolest thing I own. Check this out.  There is no BS'ing with this thing.  It tracks my heart rate, speeds, % grade, cadence, everything and puts it on the web for all to see.  If you thought I was annoying before with the LoseIt updates on Facebook, wait till you've had a week or so of "look what I rode" updates.
The good news is I haven't had to make a return to running since before I went to Fruita.  My knees, hips, and tendons thank me for that.  Covering twenty five miles in the same time it takes me to cover 6 is always going a win in my book.
This morning the good weather looked to be hanging around for at least enough time to get a good ride in. Cobourn came down into God's Country and we headed up over Suncrest again and into Not God's Country.  Looped down through Sandy, then over to Redwood and headed back south. Redwood has seen some significant improvement south of Riverton these days, and despite being a windy bitch, it was a good ride.  That's two for two road rides with Cobourn which have resulted in flats, so I may never ride with him again.
After the ride, I had to go wrestle the Roto-Tiller at my Dad's so they could plant their garden, then came home and got the Christmas lights down.  Yeah, I know.
All in all a pretty good week.  No major losses, but no gains at all.  In fact, after my ride up to Tibble Fork yesterday I stepped on the scale and saw 177.  Then I ate dinner and it disappeared again.
Still hitting the gym for spin or weights in the early morning.  When it starts being somewhat light at 6 am I will give up Spin class FOREVER. Or at least until next winter.  Pray for me to be able to get my shit together diet wise, and maybe I'll start losing again.
Morning Weigh In:

  • 178.2
  • 21.3%
  • Total Weight Loss: 21.4

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