Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 57-61 (Two Months, Give Or Take)

I guess I don't really feel like I've reached the 60 day mark, since my total includes the four day binge at the beginning.  I guess I feel that way because I feel stupid that the 60 day mark came and went with me sitting on the couch with tortilla chip crumbs all over my shirt.
Yes, despite the supposed motivation of "The Crusher", I didn't really make good on the whole being inspired thing.  In fact I spent the end of last week and into the weekend doing jack-squat.  And eating like  Rulon Gardner on the hidden binge cam.  The "holding steady" thing lulled me into a false sense of security.  That, coupled with the weather from last week made the couch look awfully damn inviting.  I found myself not weighing because I was dreading what it would tell me.  So I hadn't weighed since last time I posted (Wednesday of last week). Even with the Crusher looming a mere 14 weeks or so away I wasn't really giving it my best effort. Or any effort for that matter.
But, with the shame that only two cups of gravy poured over a pork roast for Sunday dinner can provide, I started this week with the motivation that I should have had last week.  My lovely wife got behind me too, when last night she suggested ice cream as a farewell indulgence before the re-introduction to the diet. Ice Cream is her thing.  Mine was Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.
Woke up this morning and met Jeff at the gym.  We lifted for an hour.  Okay, we probably actually lifted for thirty or forty minutes and shot the shit for the balance of the time we spent there.  But I'm counting it as an hour.
When you've been off your diet for a couple weeks, the diet stuff in the fridge isn't very appealing.  Both because you've been crushing carbs and fats, and because it's old and stale.  Nibbled on a nasty lunch of rubbery carrots, questionably fresh strawberries, and my old friend grilled chicken breast.  I didn't even remember to grab my travel bottle of Cholula.  It was a hard day.
But, it got better when I got home.  Jeff was feeling spunky and wanted to ride after work.  The weather was finally in favor of cycling so we rode up to Timp Cave and back. A twenty-ish mile trip from my house.  It honestly felt good to be back in the swing of two-a-days.  Plus with no wind, and a little sunshine it just felt good to be out on a bike period.
I came home and my long suffering and supportive wife made a fritatta that we split for dinner.  It looked suspiciously like an omelet, but it makes her feel all Fancy Nancy to call it a fritatta so I'll let her have it.
The good news is, that despite last week, I had only a minor gain this morning, and was actually back down this afternoon.
For those keeping track, the goal is 165.
And just to keep you thirsty for more, when I reach the adjusted 60 day mark(day 64) I will post hot topless pics. Of me, just so we're clear.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 181
  • 20.5%
  • Total weight loss:18.8

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