Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 64 and 65

I'm such a tease.  I didn't post my "adjusted" 60 day photo yesterday like I said I would.  I can explain why, you see, I overslept a little and was about ten minutes late to spin class yesterday.  Spring Break in Utah County is still wreaking havoc on attendance, so with Jeff and his lovely wife and two menopausal women we sweat out the hour, or I should say slightly less than an hour with the instructor Moneka.  As I have said before, I have tried other spin classes, and I prefer Moneka's.  It is mainly because she picks the best music.  If I never hear that stupid "Aaaaaay Oh" song again it will be too soon.  Moneka seems to be a reformed f-chick as we used to call them back in the day.  Other commonly used terms would be metal-chick, stoner, butt-rocker, etc.  Thursday however she outdid herself.  The "Cycle Jam" included The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Immigrant Song, and Keep 'Em Separated.  Bar none the best spin class music I have ever experienced.  The high points were good enough to forgive her little forays into Journey and Godsmack.  I'd even say they were good enough to forgive her for the horrendous spelling of her name.
In any event, a good class. Went to work, and hustled home to catch Stan and the Utah Velo Club's first Vineyard Crit of the season.  I've ridden with Stan and Velo Club Vice Principal, Drew Decker a lot in the past.  But I've never done this "race".  We started at the shop, then rode out to the lake shore and into Vineyard where we hung a right and tiptoed our bikes past the jersey barriers that block the road into a subdivision that never happened.  They got as far as the utility improvements, curb and gutter, but then either the warmongering Republicans' wasteful spending, or the socialist elite Democrats' wasteful spending destroyed the economy and no homes were ever built.  What is left is perfectly smooth asphalt, laid out in blocks, with roundabouts on the corners.  And thanks to the barriers, no cars to worry about.  Hell yes.
We took a neutral lap to make sure everyone was familiar with the course.  Then did a 20 minutes+ 3 laps crit. Having never done a crit before I wasn't really up on the technique.  Essentially it's Cyclocross without barriers or dirt.  Local cycling could'a-been Matt Bright was there barking out pointers that usually ended up with me pulling into the belligerent wind out of the north.  I stayed at the front, trading pulls with Matt and a guy named Seth for eleven laps.  Then on the final lap, Seth, Matt, and 70 year old Stan Swallow sucked my doors off in the last half block to the finish.  Lessons learned in my first crit.  Don't ever pull.
Due to pretty strict adherence to my diet that day, I had not eaten since lunch, and was in a pretty serious calorie deficit.  The race, the rest of the ride, and the spin class I rocked in the morning had taken their toll.  On the ride back home which was almost entirely into the wind, I started to fade fast.  Made it home, and inhaled a bunch of pasta, white bread, shrimp, M&M's, a protein shake, some crackers, some cookies, and another fistful of M&M's.  The bonk took over, it couldn't be helped.  After that binge, I sat down on the couch and was unconscious by 8:45 pm.  I just didn't have the energy to take tasteful topless images of myself last night.
But, I managed to get them today.

First the "before" image from February 13:
Note the sad face and prominence of "Hairy Belly-fonte".
Now the "during" image from today:
Through the magic of television, I have lost almost 25 pounds.  Through the magic of my Wahl home hair cutting trimmers, I have lost some belly-fur.
There is something about taking camera phone pictures of yourself in a bathroom that makes you feel like you should be on some sex-offender registry. But I think it would be even more humiliating to say "Honey, could you take some pictures of me with my shirt off?"
So the question will be "Are you sucking it in?"  The answer will be yes. But in the interest of truth in journalism here is what remains:
It has been a long time since I was worrying about pinching an inch.  Since the late 90's I've been grabbing a slab.  It's still there, but my umbilical hernia scar is starting to be above my bellybutton again instead of inside it. Baby steps.
I made it to the gym this morning, but keeping with tradition started the weekend binge a little early with a Friday morning breakfast burrito.  I am ashamed to admit, that after the first one, I was so hungry still that I pulled into another breakfast burrito hotspot and got another one.  The two of them managed to tide me over until evening, but since my family dragged me to the worst movie I have ever seen, I didn't get an evening workout in.  Then we followed up the popcorn with a trip to Coney's and a Sonoran Dog. Don't you judge me.  It's the weekend.  And that sucker was delicious.
Planning to get in a big ride tomorrow, of course then I have to attend a Brother-In-Law's surprise birthday party at Up-Chuck-A-Rama.  Yeah, we're classy like that.
Morning Weigh In:

  • 175.6(no change)
  • 21.2%
  • Total Weight Loss:24,2