Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 63

I'm learning fun little things about my body every day.
Today I learned that when I am tired, other parts of my body compensate for weak or straining muscles.  Such was the case when I was pushing for the elusive "just one more" shoulder press, eyes bulging out of my head, shaking arms, and then my back did something I didn't enjoy.  Not sure what exactly, but when I stood up, my head was no longer able to pivot independently from the rest of my body.  Laid down and tried to stretch or twist or somehow put something back where it should be, but the run home from the gym, and the remaining work day were endured, not relished like usual.  A few thousand milligrams of Ibuprofen later and I'm more or less back to normal.  And I've learned that less is less, and more usually isn't worth it.
I was feeling well enough for a quick ride after work.  Jeff and I took the fixies up to Alpine for some slow burn. Here's a tip, even if you only have one gear, and no freewheel, keep your chain clean.  It's amazing how much better the Langster rolls with a blinging chain. It was sort of a blustery Pooh-bear day, but we beat the real wind home by a few minutes. Well I did.  Jeff stuck with me all the way back to my house, and then had to fight the headwind for two miles back to his house.  I got a text saying he had been brought to a complete stop by the wind twice before he got home.
MATURE CONTENT WARNING: Tomorrow I will be posting a "during" photo of me with my shirt off.  There will be hairy nipples.  You have been warned.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 176.4
  • 21.4%
  • Total Weight Loss:23.4

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