Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 62

Hey look at me! Two days in a row.
It's getting sad at spin class.  No exaggeration, there were four dudes there for the 5:30 class this morning.  No women.  Not even our dear friend Spazzy MacGoo.  She is a woman who is entirely too enthusiastic.  She's not really loud, but she has hair that's long enough to need to be tied back, but for some reason she refuses to.  She bobs and weaves like Muhammed Ali post-parkinsons.  Her hair dangles in front of her face like a sheepdog and she bounces  along to the music like the front row at a Quiet Riot concert.
Whoops, I got sidetracked.  Anyway, like I said.  Four chubby dudes in a class with thirty bikes.  Might have something to do with the fact the 60% of the bikes are broken in some manner or another.  Nice to see our membership is going to pay for the half dozen adolescent girls minding the front desk in the evening.
Speaking of the evening, my new favorite thing to do is run to the gym, lift, then run home.  It's only about a mile or so from my house.  That way, before any of my tendons or joints completely betrays me, I'm there, and all warmed up to lift.  The downside is I sweat like queer eating a hot dog when I start lifting.  I spent nearly as much time wiping down equipment tonight as I did lifting. Which is not to say I didn't get anything done.  A solid hour of elevated heart rate and pushing until failure.  I'll be sore in the morning which will suck, since I'm supposed to  meet Jeff to lift at 6am.
Feeling totally back in the swing though.  Sticking to the diet, packing lousy tasteless lunches, which is making me much more productive at work because there's no reason to linger over bland chicken and an apple.  Maybe I'll get a raise.
Killed it at the weigh-in this morning.  New low*.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 177.2*
  • 23.5%(?)
  • Total Weight Loss:22.6

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