Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 42-47

Does it seem like it's getting fewer and farther between on this thing?  Laziness isn't just an attitude, it's a state of mind.  Long story short, I started my "vacation" a little early, and Thursday night Kellie and I went out with the boys and some of the wives for all you can eat sushi. It was awesome.  Go to Sushi House in American Fork and ask for the Max Roll.  It's not on the menu.
Packed up Friday morning and headed for Fruita, CO.  I'm not overly proud of my road food choices.  Let's just say Cheez-It's and Nibs were consumed.  Then things really went to hell.  After a quick "welcome to Fruita" ride on Horsethief Bench and Rustlers Loop, we all went to Tapatio's and got some good old fashioned mexican chow.  My litmus test for mexican restaurants is Chili Colorado.  They passed.  And I later passed.  Several times.  It was like I was on one of those vision quests that Amish kids take before they commit to a life of buggies and buttons.  The next morning there were sausage croissants at the continental breakfast.  Smash Burger in Grand Junction on our way back from the Tabeguache systems, and then I split a pizza with Ben for dinner at 9:00 pm.  More sausage croissants on Sunday, followed by another trip out to Tabeguache but with a little more climbing this time.  Taco Bell for lunch.  Then back out to the Kokopelli trails.  Once we'd had enough, Ryan Thompson slapped the Honda Hybrid on the hind quarters and we headed for home.(It took six gallons of gas to get to Fruita and run around town all weekend.)  Slightly better than any of the 12-14 mpg dinosaurs I drive)  When I pulled into the driveway Kellie came out and offered up the remaining 20 of the 50 McNuggets that she and the kids had gotten for dinner.  I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed in her for sabotaging my diet even more, or for going to McDonald's on the Lord's day.  I guess I have to say the sabotaging since I was just getting home from a mountain bike trip myself.  Then I ate the 20 McNuggets.
When I look at it all together like that.  It looks even worse than it felt while I was doing it.
I couldn't bear to step on the scale last night so I waited till this morning.
What was the damage?  Nothing.  I broke dead even from the last time I recorded my weight.  Do you believe in miracles?
Morning Weigh In:

  • 179.6
  • 20.4%
  • Total Weight Loss: 20.2

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