Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 Days

Lucky thing I'm awesome.  Today was a bit of a challenge to stay motivated. To start with, I got a little delayed on the way to the gym. One of the neighbors had some car trouble and I took a couple minutes to help. Didn't get to the gym til I normally would be wrapping things up.  Decided to run which is still my least favorite way to sweat.  Keeping the running short and so far no knee or ankle trouble.
I have been weezing since the ill advised outdoor run last night.  Throat burning, chunky lungs. On top of that any time I went out and breathed the cold sewer air it got worse.  More than once today I horked up a gnarly green lower life form.  They seemed to have the beginnings of a spinal column and a brain stem. Staying inside as much as possible helps.
When I got home Kellie had made a weird cinnamon chocolate chili.  It sounds terrible  for taste and calories, but it wasn't bad in either respect. Lunches are tough.  I am finding that there is no way to include a sandwich of any kind without killing your calorie budget. On a positive note, my employer is probably stoked I am packing a small lunch because it usually ends up making for a short lunch break.
I nearly talked myself out of going to the gym tonight. But then I remembered Moody making fun of my resolve. Made it to the gym and ran again, then lifted for a little while. It made me feel like I had done something.  The lung cheddar has made me lose a little intensity or whatever you want to call it.  Hard to get my heart rate up, tiring quickly.
I don't have high hopes for the rest of the week. This air has to clear out. It is depressing and makes it impossible to do anything outside.
Tomorrow morning I will line up with Spazzy MacGoo again. I seem to have bigger weight loss days when I start with spin class so here's hoping.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 194.8
  • 25.4%
  • Total Weight Loss 5.2 lbs

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