Friday, January 18, 2013

Rock Top

It seems inappropriate to say I am at rock bottom.  It would imply that I was moving down. I am in fact moving up.  My God I hope I have topped out.
Until this day I was able to say with honesty that I had never broken "The Deuce"  Can't even bring myself to say Two Hundre.... Yeesh.  This is no longer the case.  As of today. I am officially in uncharted territory.
I'm Big.
Also for the first time in about 18 years I have been off a bike for several months. My last real ride was the UTCX Cross out Cancer fundraiser back in October.  I was of course at the back of the pack, but I did work.  Soon after that I had strep throat, and after that I was busy, and then it was Christmas, etc.
I have crossed the line from yearning to ride and now dreading it.
It is incredibly depressing. I knew I was swelling up, but didn't really think it had gotten that out of hand.
One of the buildings I work in has mirrored walls in the elevator.  When riding alone there is nothing to look at but your own CabbagePatchKid-esque face. It have grown quite fond of staring at my boots of late.
So now is where I make a choice. Either throw in the towel and give in to my genetics(it will require the purchase of a new wardrobe), or I can suck it up and get to work.
I haven't decided yet.

Today's Weigh  In: The Deuce

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