Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2 Of The Battle With The Deuce

So far so good.
Hit the spin class that I can stand this morning.  Moesha or Moneka or whatever is the teacher.  None of these pushups on the handlebars or one leg drills.  Just go hard, go easy, go fast, cool down type stuff. Little to no "Woo!" girls. In fact, men outnumber the women in this class.  Maybe it's because it starts at 5:30am. Good to see that she hasn't changed her playlist in the year or so since I've been there.  Also good to see that Spazzy MacGoo is still a regular.  Spazzy has been part of that class as long as I have been going there.  Spazzy usually comes in a couple minutes late, fiddles with her bike for no less than three minutes then jumps on and spazzes out. She can't pedal without bobbing her head so her shortish blonde hair wags. Whenever  we stand and pedal she finds some odd yoga pose to add to it for extra credit. Then she makes a large production about leaving fifteen minutes before the class is over.  I used to hate her but now it makes me comfortable, like going home. It is possible that the ventilation system has been upgraded because the room doesn't seem to smell as much like R Kelley's sheets.
My long suffering wife made my lunch today. I recommend sliced raw sweet potatoes.  They are crunchy, sweetish, and a whole 5 inch sweet potato is like 100 calories.  Sorry Cobourn, 112.
This evening I decided to run to the gym to lift.  Lifting was a good idea. Running outside was not.  Aye Carumba.  I generally roll my eyes when people complain about the air quality.  I work in and out of doors all day and other than not being scenic I have never really had a problem. After tonight however I feel like something needs to be done. When I was a kid, for some reason my Dad had us burn our garbage in the back yard. I have no idea why, but he seemed to think it was prudent and I liked to play with fire so it worked.  As a stupid kid, I would play with the fire which included plastic bottles, food waste, styrofoam, etc. After a while the smoke would start to burn my eyes and my nose would run.  That's how I knew it was time to go in the house.  After the run home from the gym I feel the exact same way. Like I have been in a garage with the car running. I have proposed we drill a giant mine shaft through the base of the of whatever mountain has a lower valley on the other side to drain this sewer air out of our valleys. Eff the economy, this would create jobs.  Do it.
I'm losing. In a good way. That's rad.

Morning Weigh-In:

  • 195.6
  • 26.5%
  • Total Weight Loss: 4.4 lbs

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