Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 4

Hungry.  It took me four days to get hungry. When your body is used to ~4000 calories a day and you cut back to 1500-2000, something has got to give.
Had some windshield time with work today and it gave me time to think about being hungry. Not starving, just hungry. Coincidentally, today was also the day I decided to cut lunch back because it was killing me calorie wise.
Good news, they sell food EVERYWHERE.   I feel better about things when I order a "veggie burrito".
Luckily it was a heavy cardio day.  After a spin class this morning, I came home from work and, went to spin class.  It's not that I like spin class so much as I like to shut my brain off and let somebody else tell me what to do.  Unless they are telling me to do one-leg drills.  Eff you, I'm not doing one leg drills.  In no scenario ever have I been on a bike and thought "Man, I wish I had practiced pedaling with one leg." Never.  It seems to upset the balance of the class when I am the lone dissenter.  I am going to wear a black leather glove next time and raise my fist in the air while defiantly looking down and pedaling like a normal person.
I will not be in spin class tomorrow for several reasons.  First and foremost, I am out of bike related clothing.  A side effect of two a days is piles of soggy, stinky, clothes. If I'm being honest, I usually double dip.  Hang them up so they can dry and put them back on in the evening.  It's gross. I don't care. Tomorrow is also "WOO!" day.  Taught by a leathery old broad with a voice and face for radio.  A lot of Journey, Boston, blech. It's headphone time when I'm within earshot.  Although unless I crank up the headphones I'm still able to hear the RAGNAR crowd in there yell "WOO!!!" when the instructor yells "ARE YOU FEELING IT?!" On top of all that I'm just sick of spin class. So, that's several reasons.
It appears that the foamy fat is all gone.  Weight loss counted in ounces today instead of pounds. And that was after several minutes trying to force a few more drops out during my morning pee.
Morning Weigh In:

  • 194.4
  • 24.8%
  • Total Weight Loss: 5.6 lbs

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