Monday, January 28, 2013

Milestone, The Hard Way

It is 5:46 am on Day 8 of this little party. I am not on my way to the gym.  I am however happy(?) to report that I am into the 180's again.
Despite a couple of carb crazy binges over the weekend I have continued to lose weight fighting this sickness.  I haven't been to the doctor yet.  I figure, if it's the flu they can't do anything about it and if it's not then it has to be something unseen in humankind before and I want to make sure I work out a deal to get it named after me.
No real stomach problems along with it.  My symptoms rotate predictably.  Each night I wake up around 1 am drenched in sweat.  We're talking change the sheets drenched. I get up and have a coughing fit. My entire body also aches. Then I take some cough medicine and some ibuprofen. Change my clothing and grab an extra blanket because now I'm cold.  Painfully cold.  Shivering cold.  It takes about an hour to warm up and doze off again.  This lasts until about 5:15am.  At which point I wake up drenched in sweat again.  But now it's late enough to be considered morning. So I get up and take a shower. When I run out of hot water, I have warmed up to where the flop sweats are beginning again.  So I sit in the recliner in my underwear until I start to get cold.(This is my current position)  Then a coughing fit starts.  At this point I figure I am up for the day so I take the generic equivalent of DayQuil. I also take the generic equivalent of Tylenol.  If I don't make it I would like somebody to ask Kellie if she feels like losing her husband was worth the $1.50 she saved on over the counter medicine.
I have coughed enough to screw up my voice.  If I just talk normally I sound like a mouse. If I do my best Christian Bale Batman impression I sound like Christian Bale Batman.  Pick your poison.  Batman takes a lot of energy but sounds cool.  Squeaky voice requires no effort but hurts more and makes my five year old daughter giggle at me.
I will sit in this chair until the sun comes up and then probably go back to bed.  Around noon I will soak the sheets again and repeat the shower, chair, shiver regimen. But I will put on clothes just because it feels better.  And I can always ditch the clothes and find my least soggy pair of pajama pants and go back to sleep. New and exciting in the last 12 hours I think I have begun to detach my  left retina.  Each cough brings searing pain in that eye and the only thing that helps is to close the eye very hard and apply pressure with the palm of my hand.  I am fully expecting to pop my left eye out onto my cheek before this is all over.
All this doesn't leave a lot of time for working out.  It also doesn't leave a lot of time for eating.  Yesterday I had a protein shake in the morning and then didn't think about eating until late in the evening.  I had some leftover BBQ chicken wrapped in bread thing that Kellie made Saturday.  I had a lot of it. I don't care.

Morning Weigh In:
  • 189.8
  • 24.6%
  • Total Weight Lost 10.2 lbs

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