Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 1(2013)

Oh what a wonderful weekend.  Oddly, I actually road a bike Saturday.  Did a little course recon for the Frozen Hog.  It was 0 degrees when I started and after and hour or so of trying to pack the snow down with my bike it was 8 degrees. I always like to  imagine that I burn more calories in the cold trying to keep warm. I have no science to back it up.  Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing.
I let the little woman know about my plans to binge over the weekend and we headed over to our favorite ghetto sushi joint.  It's not particularly great, but it's good.  The all you can eat option let's you gamble.  When I'm really on my game we can crush at least six rolls. Just for fun when I came home I started punching  the sushi into the Lose It app which I had never done before.  I was amazed how few calories sushi has.  Even with the rice.  Later that day I found myself on my own for dinner.  I decided to have a fond farewell to Rocky Mountain Wing Shak. I was surprised the other way when I punched the wings in.  Holy shit.  One wing is 140 calories!  I ate ten.  The hour on the bike did not offset the wings.  Then I attended a birthday party which featured a cupcake/cake/cookie buffet.  I stopped punching things into the app.
Sunday breakfast was two cupcakes from the party and a leftover slice of pizza.  Then I spent the day grazing from the fridge.  Until we went to my sainted Mother's birthday party which featured Lasagna, cookies and cake.  Didn't bother to punch anything in for Sunday.
And so it begins...
Incredibly, This morning saw a two pound drop from "The Deuce" of Friday. I always seem to blow through the pounds the first couple days.  Like those pounds are foamy fat.  Like when you open can shaken pop can and it starts running out all over the place.  You freak out and start sucking it down to keep it from spilling.  Only the fat spills over your belt.
Got off to a rough start workout wise.  I woke up at 3:30a and couldn't get back to sleep. The plan was to get up at 5 and head to a spin class.  finally dozed off again just before 5 and decided to stay in bed for a bit and then go lift instead. Spent some time warming up running which always makes me sweat like Nixon debating Kennedy. The weight room has been redone since I was last there so it took a bit to find what I needed. After 45 mins or so I took a swig of water and got immediately sick. Was afraid my digestive tract was going to evacuate and I wasn't sure which direction it was going. Made my way out to the parking lot and let it fly into the bushes.  Awesome.  Felt immediately better. It's like my body wasn't used to physical exertion or something. Weird.
Did really well food wise. When I got home I went back for that spin class. Sweating in the dark with fat chicks and old men. Evening classes are a little different than morning classes.  At least it was easy to find a bike. With the two a days, I only net a few hundred calories. The Crisco practically runs down your leg when you do that.
Starting to feel the Eye Of The Tiger, even though it's only been one day.  Rising up to the challenge of my rivals.

Morning Weigh-In:

  • 198
  • 28.7%
  • -2 lbs

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