Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 1

Planning the binge portion of my diet I had visions of Chinese Buffet's, for lunch, Buffalo wings for dinner. Kellie shot that in the foot this morning by packing me a lunch for work. The most sinful thing in there was cottage cheese chip dip.
I don't think she understood what I was going for.
I compensated with a steak breakfast burrito from the Top Stop gas station in Lehi. They are greasy, and delicious.
A busy day at work actually made the brown bag a necessary evil. Two sandwiches(ham and cheese and PB&J), the chips and dip, grapes, a Little Debbie Brownie, and a string cheese. John Bender might point out the complete representation of the four food groups.
Dinner was a less than rebellious too, waffles and eggs. I've always hated maple syrup so I put PB&J on that as well. Too lazy to track the calories, but I sense a pulled pork BBQ sandwich coming up for a bedtime snack

Morning Weigh in:
  • 197 lbs
  • 26.8%
Tomorrow I buy drugs.

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