Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 8

Bless me internet for I have sinned. Due to a lack of shopping/planning, I had a regular dinner with the family. Chicken roll-ups and green beans. Chicken and cream cheese wrapped in homeade bread. I did abstain from the Cream of Chicken soup which was intended as Gravy. Kept the portion reasonable, and then out of shame scrambled to the basement to sit on the trainer.
With a spin class this morning, and an hour on the trainer tonight, I'm hoping I offset the carbs and fats in dinner.
The head cold persists though. That's one of the motivators for the extra workouts. It opens up my sinuses.
I had hoped to have a major milestone tomorrow, but the chicken roll-up has put that in doubt. Will I be in the 180's tomorrow?

Morning Weigh-In:
  • 190.8
  • 27.2%
PS: The trainer sucks.


  1. No kidding the trainer sucks. I haven't managed to actually get on it once this winter. Keep it up, you'll be happy when the snow melts and you cruise up the hills that much easier.

  2. Especially since I apparently don't own any type of fan whatsoever. If I hadn't have been watching an expletive laden cop drama, I would have paid one of my kids to fan me with a newspaper or something.

  3. josh don't worry about the "regular" dinner. think of it as contrast to your current food or even food intervals. you are doing great and will surpass your goals soon. hell, you might even wind up anorexic.

    ryan i thought you said you were on the trainer the other day? i haven't touched mine since i bought it. i just walk by and flip it off every now and then.