Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 10

I just had my first non-weight-loss day. Weighed in this morning exactly the same as the day before. Since I had a date with the Monster Trucks at ESA, I went for a quick snowshoe with Jeff and Ben. Not sure how I feel about snowshoeing. I like to be on trails that I usually only see in the summer. But it's not at all pleasant. The push uphill is a killer workout, but instead of being followed by a rewarding cruise down, you get a joint crushing galumph down. Granted, I have only ever had one powder trip, but invariably I come home aching like an old man. My right knee and left hip told me I would NOT be working out this evening.
From the beginning, I have intended to take weekends "off".
More from the diet than anything. I usually have something fun happening on a Saturday. So I count that as my workout. Some kind of a ride, race pace or just dinking around, or like today snowshoeing. But it is excruciatingly hard to be home from work, with the family, or out and about and make good diet choices.
Case in point, my oldest just walked in and handed me two leftover Valentines chocolates(how can you say no to that?)
With Popcorn and Nacho's at the Monster Truck Rally, I anticipate what I hope will be a modest weight gain in the morning.
Pray for us sinners in this hour of our temptation.

Morning weigh in:
  • 189.6
  • 25.2%


  1. Keep up the good work Josh. I too decided I looked like I made one too many trips over the holidays and have been suffering through a strict diet ever since. Of course my biking goal for 2011 is to dethrone Kara of the Queen of the Clammy Chamois and to do that I must lose 15-20lbs (and of course get some cross skills!). Keep on working it Josh, I too feel your pain!
    Kristin P

  2. i'm thinkin water weight gain. tomorrow should be back to shedding pounds.

  3. Thanks for all the kind words, Kristin, maybe I'll work in some secret shortcuts for next year we won't tell Kara about.