Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 5 (And So It Begins)

As punishment for vanity God struck me down with a vicious head cold that settled in yesterday afternoon. Making food not taste, and my appetite diminish.
I got all drugged up to try to get a good nights rest, and as I lay down, I remembered that Kellie had told me there was a Reese's Peanut Butter heart for me to eat before my diet. At 11:20pm I realized I hadn't eaten it, and in theory wouldn't get the chance for at least several weeks. I woke her up and asked her for it. She gave it to me and I ate it in bed. And so ended the binge portion of this journey.
I was supposed to go lift this morning for exercise, but after getting out of bed I decided that my cold might be better served with a couple more hours of sleep. I went back to bed, and once the decongestant/Vick's Vap-O-Rub/generic sleeping pill wore off, I awoke not feeling good, but alive. The cold had killed my appetite so I packed a lunch and headed out for the day. Against the admonition of Cobourn I grabbed a diet soda for a little caffeine. The overwhelming opinion seems to be that Hydroxycut is not fit for man nor beast and so for now, I haven't taken any. I did however start taking HCG during my "load" days. I am basing my diet on what A.T. Simeon's HCG diet says, but I won't be going hungry. Instead eating a reasonable amount of foods with little to no carbs, extremely lean protein, and lots of green vegetables. My target is 1500 calories, but that's not a hard line.
For lunch I ate a 4 oz piece of chicken breast, half a cucumber, and an apple. When I got home I basically ate that lunch again. And a little later I had a tilapia fillet, with some spinach wilted in the pan with it. A fistful of strawberries, another of grapes, and a banana.
In total, an 1100 calorie day. No sweat. It could just be the cold talking though.
Now that my menu is a little less complex, the LoseIt app on my ipod calculates my calories pretty well. I should have a really good idea of totals from here on out.

Morning weigh in:
  • 198.7
  • 29.1%


  1. You in bed, drugged up, sick eating chocolate in the middle of the night - thanks for the visual.

    Looks like you got the diet off to a good start. Power to you man!

  2. Call me if you need recipes to break up the monontony. We've been eating low carb/high protein for 6 weeks.