Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 15

Down another pound or so. "It must be water weight." You'd be surprised how many people can't bear to recognize your achievements. They have a hard time figuring out how I can be losing weight this quickly. The fact is, I'M MORE THAN 25 PERCENT FAT. Coupled with what is a dramatic reduction in calories for me, and the fact that I'm working out every day, and twice most days. The point is, I can account for it without trying too hard. What's more, I can predict pretty closely what my weight will do based on my performance the day before. I am not going hungry, and I am getting stronger. A week ago, I struggled to do three bar dips. I'm almost up to three sets of ten.
I wouldn't go as far to say I'm looking good naked, but my pants are starting to fit a little better.
So cut me some slack eh?
Today I was oddly hungry. I ate a little more than usual, but still hit a negative calorie count by the end of the day, although it took two spin classes to do it(good Lord, I'm getting sick of spin classes). Oddly enough, I went to Taco Bell for some diet food today. Ordered from their "Fresco menu" for a total of 8 fat grams and about 250 calories. I don't really miss the junk food, but I miss carbs like a dead brother. Today after eating venison leftovers for dinner, I closed the blinds, turned out the lights and sopped up the drippings with one slice of white bread. Mmmm white bread. Then I made an appointment to go talk to the bishop.
Might gain a little in the morning.

Morning Weigh In:
  • 186.7
  • 26.5%


  1. I actually love reading your posts. Yes, I am a closet Josh fan. You crack me up. Maybe you should be a journalist and write editorials or something

  2. i am a public josh fan...yay josh!!! go josh!!! lose it josh!!! that is, not your mind.
    good job btw.