Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 16, and 17

Slacking.  Both on my "program" and on the chronicling of said program.
Friday(day 16) was bad. I woke up sore, and tired.  I flaked out on going to the gym.  When I did finally wake up and weigh in, I had gained a pound.  You may recall that I was predicting a gain on Friday.  Funny thing was that I was so pissed off I went into a childish tail spin.  Not only did I not work out, but I then headed back to my dealer and bellied up to a nice greasy steak,egg, and cheese breakfast burrito from the Top Stop in Lehi.  As the grease dribbled down my chin, I felt like I should have a belt tied around my bicep and be thumping my arm trying to find a vein.  I had to adjust the rear view mirror so I couldn't make eye contact with myself.
I will say this, a breakfast burrito tides you over waaaaay better than a green smoothie.  Come lunchtime I had come to my senses a bit.  Another Jared sub from Subway.  I had intended to go to the gym in the evening as I have children and no social life outside the home.  However before I got home I was informed that plans had been made for me to eat at my in-laws.  Dinner was a crock-pot casserole of the mexican variety.  It would have been a little less dangerous if I had held off on the sour cream, but I was pouting after all.
So to recap day 16:  No exercise and several bad food choices.
Morning weigh in:

  • 187.8
  • 24.5%
Moving on to day 17. From the beginning I had planned to take weekends off.  But both weekends now I have started early on Friday.  My favorite African-Canadian and diet buddy Jeff texted me about snowshoeing so we made plans to go.  When I woke up, I staggered in and stripped down to weigh in.  What joy and rapture filled my soul when I had LOST more weight than I had gained the day before.  Must be water weight.
Got my gear together and ate a quick breakfast of peanut butter smeared on these nasty little wheat-tortilla-flatbread thingys that my wife buys.   With the big storms the last couple days, the trails were all soft and fluffy, but Stan and the Velo Club had started early and broken the trail ahead of us.  We followed their tracks all the way up Pine Hollow to the second meadow, and then headed south-westish until we came out on Cascade Springs road.  Which meant we would have to climb back up to the summit before being able to drop down to the vehicle.  We headed up the road and when we reached the summit, Stan and the club were all standing at the summit parking lot.  The group split into the hard-cores who were heading uphill, and the rest of us who were heading down Salamander flat and down to the cars.  We took a less than direct route and ended up charging down an crazy steep slope trying to keep our asses under our tea-kettles with mini-avalanches sliding behind and around us.  Good stuff.
Here is a picture of me squinting  before we met up with the group.
It was snowing hard most of the four hours we were hiking.
On the way down we decided to stop at Barbacoa(because it's my day off from the diet)  They do not have a Jared menu at Barbacoa, so I went ahead and got a gnarly chicken burrito, I deserved it.  I also got to try a new flavor of Cholula.  They had both Chile Garlic and Chile Lime flavor.  It speaks to how boring my life is that a new flavor of hot sauce made my weekend.  The Chile Garlic is good, but the garlic overpowers everything else and makes your breath smell like a goat.  The Chile Lime was borderline orgasmic. I wept.  If you need further proof of how wonderful Cholula is, go  here, where you will find two things that I have had dreams about, Gwyneth Palrow, and Cholula hot sauce.
I did alright the rest of the day, save a Butterfinger candy bar that I ate pretty much just because it was in the cupboard.  Then the neighbors called and wanted to go to dinner.  My social life doesn't extend too far beyond the bike shop, so it was a little weird to be going out with both a member of the Bishopric, and a member of the High Council.(For whomever you are in Germany that occasionally checks in with this blog, those are ecclesiastical leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,  you know, the Mormons)  Anyway, we ended up at Goodwood BBQ.   I just ordered a steak.  Not an awesome steak, but it was medium rare and used to moo, so I liked it.
Not even going to bother to add up the calories today, but I plan to spend most of next week trying to catch back up.
Morning Weigh In:

  • 186.2
  • 24.6%


  1. You have a way with words, I laughed several times.

    Not sure how you fell off the wagon and still managed to break under 25% crisco, but you did so that's good news.

  2. The Crisco percentage might be misleading. I get it from a Tanita barefoot scale so I'm not sure if I trust the actual number, but it seems consistent. As in, I might actually be 45% but as my gut shrinks that number goes down accordingly.

  3. It was good to see you guys. You must have hauled it to catch the group!

    We could see you guys at the loop summit parking lot when we were at the cornice gully dive. We followed your tracks up the road to the parking lot then down to Salamander. Thank heaven we didn't follow them down into the gully. We turned right and crossed the ridge instead. Thanks to the summer rides I knew the area better than I would have.

  4. They crossed Cascade Springs road and dropped down towards Mexican Flat before heading back up. We cut off an hour easy.
    I get lost up there in the snow. I was completely surprised when we popped out on the road.