Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day7(One Weak)

All right nobody gives two craps about the minutia of exactly what I ate, blah blah, chicken, blah blah, vegetables, blah blah, fruit, blah blah, fish. I did add a granola bar today for some carbs. The delicious Clif Bar Crunch that the club got from IMBA a few months ago. Basically the same thing as a Nature Valley granola bar. Very dry, but a little sweet and by now any carbs I eat are like bumping a line of Coke(Colombian, not a-cola). Two come in a pack, I ate one around lunch and one right before I headed back to the gym tonight.
Oh yes, the gym. Jeff and I lifted this morning. I am definitely missing a step from not eating 4000 calories a day. I really notice it at the end of my third set on any given exercise. If it's something I normally do 3 sets of 20 on, I usually can't finish the third set. Or maybe I'm just a quitter. Even money. Anyway, I lifted "vigorously" this morning. Burning around 400 calories. Went to work, eating a little all day. Weird that I'm starting to enjoy the spinach in vinegar thing. Came home and ate a small dinner including the granola bar, then went back to catch a spin class at 8pm. Having never been to a spin class in the evening I didn't know if it would be packed or what so I showed up a half hour early to be sure I got a bike. With no line, I started lifting, ended up lifting "vigorously" again for a half hour before the class was supposed to start. 8 pm came and went, nobody showed, not even the teacher. Wandered around a minute, asked a few people, and finally "Coach Kena" showed up to unlock the door.
It ends up that the 8pm class is the second half of a triathlon class. They had been in the pool and were a little late getting to the spin room. Since the rest of the class was still toweling off I suppose, Coach Kena introduced herself and told me about the class. I think she was recruiting me. "Have you ever done a tri?" ..."No"..."Do you want to?"..."No."
All I wanted to do was get my heart rate up for about an hour. It ends up triathletes are retarded. First off, the fans in the room never came on. Sweat was puddled under my bike. Then there are the stupid drills. "Okay, we're going to get off the bike after this interval.." The only time I'm interested in getting off my bike is in a cyclocross race, and even then it's to be avoided if at all possible. THREE TIMES they jumped off and started doing one-legged bunny hops and squat thrusts. I bowed to peer pressure the first time and felt even stupider than I looked. In addition my heart rate dropped. So the next time, I opted to just keep pedaling and not make eye contact. Once they started their unison stretching I made a beeline for the door, never to return. I got my hour in though.
So I'm a little proud that I technically had three separate workouts today. I got a little worried though when for the second day in a row, my calorie intake to calories burned ratio was negative. I don't feel hungry, and I am eating constantly, but of my allotted 1623 calories a day I'm supposed to be able to eat, I have eaten -309.
I'm starting to worry that I might be taking it to an unhealthy extreme. I remember the sage advice of Zach....

I just hope Mr Belding doesn't find out.

Morning Weigh-In:
  • 192.0
  • 28.9%(?)

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