Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 14

Awesome, the pounds are coming off again. 2.8 lbs today! After two days recovering from the weekend, I am now lower than I have been since I started. Good for me.
The day started out a little rough, I missed my alarm and ended up not getting to the gym before work. That threw the whole day into a tailspin and I didn't get a decent breakfast. Grabbed a Muscle Milk and an apple at the C-store. Jeff tells me that when he has a protein shake in the morning, he's good till well after lunch. I am not. I was starving by 10:30. Jeff's success could be attributed to the fact that he is getting pharmaceutical grade help with his appetite. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Wasn't able to cheat since I was busy. Finally got a lunch of chicken,radishes,carrots, and yogurt and was good till I got home.
My son had his Cub Scout blue and gold banquet tonight. I have been edging more and more towards eating regular food for dinner and just controlling portions. I figured I could figure something out and still eat at the scout banquet. By the time the food came out I was starving. Luckily it was some form of prison food. I can only imagine they were trying to simulate a tin foil dinner for the scouts, because it was hamburger, potatoes, and carrots, cooked in an electric roaster. Oh, and bagged salad with ranch dressing. I had two scoops of the stuff, and felt shameful the whole time. Especially since I hadn't worked out at all today. This was the first potato I have eaten in weeks. Even though it was bland and terrible, the return to my ancestral staple food was strangely invigorating. The simplest carb I have eaten since starting.
Afterwards I called Jeff and we went to the gym to lift. It was a little heavy on the B.S. and not so heavy on the work, so we decided to expand our efforts to find the least masculine exercise we can. We ended up on the ellipticals so mission accomplished there. It kind of feels like riding a bike, but the motion feels really limited. Like riding a tiny, clown bike. The only cool thing is it tracks your calories burned, etc. Jeff ended up burning more than I did, but that's because he is both older, and fatter than me.
I may regret the "Scout Surprise" dinner in the morning. Hopefully I offset it a little with the late in the evening workout.
Spin class in the morning, where my sist-ahs at?

Morning weigh in:
  • 188.2
  • 25.4%

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