Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 6

Finally moving in the right direction. Pleasantly surprised by a nearly four pound drop this morning. I was a little under my allotted calories yesterday, though I didn't necessarily go hungry.
I can't say I'm enjoying the lack of variety. The only thing that really packs well for lunch is precooked chicken breast. Cholula has zero calories so I slather everything in it. Also took a baggie of raw spinach that I poured a little apple cider vinegar into which is surprisingly good to nibble on while driving. Packed double what I did yesterday and just snacked on it through the day.
Got home and ate some grapes and a cup of precooked shrimp.
The cold has let up a little so I can actually exercise. I made it to spin class with the other girls today. Decided not to pay any attention to the instructor and just warmed up with very little tension for about fifteen minutes then cranked the tension up to where I was working and settled in for the rest of the hour. Probably the most satisfactory spin class I've ever been to.
After work I lifted "vigorously" for half an hour. Not sure if it's calorie deficit or the cold but I am currently dizzy as hell. Worked my arms and chest to failure and the leg sled just till it hurt.
The upside is, that according to my calculations, I have burned about 50 more calories than I have eaten today exercising. I will have some more fruit before bed, but I feel like I was eating all day and I'm still 1600 calories under my target.
I might throw just a few carbs into the mix tomorrow. Before each workout.
Two a days are kind of tough.

Morning Weigh-In:
  • 194.2
  • 26.2%

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  1. can i post pics of my stealthy 155lbs body that i have had since high school(i will be 50 this year). last year i rode only 22 days and took 5 months off of exercise. i gained 7 pounds of muscle, no fat. my six pack never even flinched as i sat on the couch and ate myself into depression.
    yes i have the opposite problem. i can't gain weight. why do you want to know this? cause i can't ride more than five hours without passing out of malnutrition. if i don't eat constantly i get sick. i am hypoglycemic. i am very fast for only a short amount of time, then i die.
    josh you can do this my irish brother. we all face our weaknesses and surpass them, even in times of despair. i applaud your determination and courage to share your path of getting your ideal physic back.
    and if you need me to come over and eat all the bad food in your house so you are not tempted i am available anytime.
    plus if you have any food/diet/nutrition questions i have by default of needing to know about food to survive, learned the hard way about it and have a plethora of buried knowledge as you know i am always willing to share(whether people want to hear it or not).
    carry on brave rontundi soul.