Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 9

Literally spinning on the trainer as I type this, I think that adds a few degrees of calorie burn.
Not an awesome day as far as food went.
Did not pack a lunch which meant I had to fend for myself out in the big bad world.
Ended up snacking on dried fruit, and pistchios through the day.
Lunch was Subway's Jared menu.
A little heavier on the calories and fat than I was over that past week, but that's why I'm typing while I spin.
Oh yeah, I had an adventure with running today. Lifted this morning and as I was walking out, I thought I'd try a lap. Pretty soon I figured I would try a mile.
Yep running still sucks, but I ran a mile today.
Milestone though...

Morning weigh in:
  • 189.6
  • 26.1%

1 comment:

  1. 3500 calroies=1 pound of fat.

    best to increase work load than lower calories.
    this is geared to the normal person who doesn't workout enough.
    seems like though weight lifting and the trainer you are doing it right.

    this also increases metabolism.
    working out earlier in the day and eating right after your workout, sends food into your body as fuel, not as storage(fat). slow food consumption the farther away you get from your workout. this will help with cravings.

    also the rest of the day, normal activity will count at a higher calorie burn. burn twice as much calories watching t.v.

    i am sure you are well aware of all of this.