Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 13

Aaah, the scale is moving in the right direction again. One day of dieting and a little exercise seemed to do the trick. Although I have not yet dropped back into the 180's.
Hit spin class this morning, and packed a smaller lunch than I would actually need. A couple hard boiled eggs, some yogurt, and a cucumber.
I had to call an audible and hit the Jared menu at Subway again. This actually isn't too bad. A six inch chicken breast sandwich on wheat with veggies, then I go all crazy and have them give it a squirt of BBQ sauce. All that for 320 calories.
Another little secret I'll let you in on. Venison is extremely low in fat and calories. I had 8 oz for dinner, with some brown rice and corn and I was still below my calorie budget for the day.
Just to make sure, I headed to the gym for an evening spin class and some weights.
Evenings at the gym are frustrating. High school kids, menopausal women, and what I can only figure is a contingent from the Training School, make getting your gym time a pain in the ass. I got to the spin class ten minutes early, I was the second person in the room. Grabbed the bike I wanted, right in front of the fan and started spinning. Then Ethel and Gladys walk in. My prime location was a couple bikes away from the fan so I would get the full benefit. They sat directly underneath the fan. Class starts, people start to sweat and the fans come on. First thing Ethel does is reach up and turn it away from me and points it at a row of empty bikes. I didn't want to make a big deal about it so I focused on what I was doing. Soon I was dripping sweat from my eye lashes and the towel I brought was wringing wet. I turned around and asked politely if she would turn the fan my way a little bit and she gave me a startled snort. " I don't like it blowing on me." So, this woman sat right in front of the fan, pointed it away from her, and had yet to break a sweat while jiggling through the hour. I contained my anger and finished the class.
Then I headed out into the weight room. I couldn't get onto the bench, so I went over to the free weights to set up a curl bar. Got it all set up while Skippy the acne farm watched me. I did one set of ten, set it down and went to grab a dumb bell to work my triceps between sets. I walk ten feet away, come back, and he's pulling the weights off my curl bar. I told him I still needed it and he acted all put out. So he walked over and grabbed one of the other FOUR curl bars and put tiny little weights on it did three odd little exercises that I can't figure out what he was trying to work, and put it away. All before I was done with what I was doing. I finished, re racked the weights and started to head for the now open bench. Before I got there, Skippy and his buddy jumped on it, and loaded up a little over two hundred pounds on the bench. I knew neither of them would be able to lift it, so I kept an eye on them while I used one of the machines. Sure enough, they took turns spotting each other, the bar slamming into their ribs and then the two of them struggling to get it back up on the rack. They switched places and repeated this. They then headed over to the mirror to flex. I headed for the bench again, and they came jogging over to tell me they weren't done yet.
I hate people. Especially people at the city rec center.

Morning weigh in:
  • 191
  • 25.8%

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  1. Yep, I bought a crappy u gym for my basement because I got tired of fighting the poor etiquette at the city rec.