Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 12(Posted on the morning of Day 13)

Oi. Back to work on a Monday. Lifting in the morning and back to the diet. As I expected, I had gained another pound and a half in the morning.
This is why a lifestyle change is so hard. I eat what I consider normal, and I gain. I really think it had as much to do with the lack of exercising Sunday as anything.
An apple for breakfast, some more fruit throughout the day and some pistachios(these are saving my life). Added some supposedly light yogurt today to help with another little side effect of the return to carbs and fats Sunday.
Some of you may be repulsed by the following, but I feel it bears sharing. I have what doctors have recognized as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This is the diagnosis you get when doctors can't come up with a physical reason why somebody is more often than not, prone to violent bouts of diarrhea. Over the years I have found a distinct correlation to eating garbage, especially fatty garbage, and the coming and going of the symptoms. Like a smoker who can't quit despite being constantly doubled over coughing, I have chosen to deal with the symptoms and eat the way I saw fit.
The new diet of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein has predictably improved the situation. Moving from a minimum of four "episodes" a day, to two. And the two episodes have been, well, less disgusting. After my little backslide over the weekend, Monday morning served as the hangover and Montezuma exacted his ugly revenge .
I seem to be back on track,(digestively and protocol-wise) and other than missing my evening workout due to an unplanned but welcome two hour nap before bedtime I am completely back on schedule.

Morning weigh-in:
  • 192.2
  • 26%

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