Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 22

Well, the pace is beginning to slow.  Down one pound this morning.  Could be that I have been cheating a little here and there.  Nothing huge.  I had a candy bar this morning.  But did well all day besides that.  Okay, maybe I had one too many pork carnitas for dinner.  But I abstained from any cheese or sour cream.  Besides that piece of my daughters quesadilla I ate.  But she was going to waste it. Actually including the candy bar I came in at a net 226 calories for the day.  I ate 1718 calories and burned 1492 between spin class this morning, lifting and a half hour on the treadmill.
What's that I say? The treadmill.  I have always hated running. Because it hurts.  All these idiots in their short shorts bouncing around the streets.  I've never understood it.  Any time I have ever tried to run I would feel like I had been in a bar fight the next day.
But this evening I discovered something.  On a suspended treadmill,  running is... not that bad.  I had a hard time finding my groove.  Since most of my exercise is on a bike, I am used to moving the apparatus beneath me, not the other way around.  So when I felt like I was going too slowly, I would try to run, uhhh, harder(?).  I also couldn't watch anybody else run or I would start mimicking their pace, which wasn't what my machine was doing, so I would bobble.  Who would have known that I'm too dumb to run?  Anyway, once I settled into a pretty meager pace (6 mph) I started to wonder how long I could go.  Honestly at that speed, I'm pretty sure I could have run for quite awhile.  But it ends up that the treadmill is just as mind numbing as the trainer.  I made it a half hour before I hit the "cool down" button.  Wasn't I disappointed when I punched it into the LoseIt app and found it only burned like 300 calories.  That's like half a carnita.
Oh well.  I guess I'll see what I did to myself in the morning

Morning Weigh In:

  • 183.6
  • 24.0%
  • Total pounds lost: 16.2

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