Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 23,24, and 25

A little backed up.  A lot has happened, none of it good.
Friday morning, I was up a pound.  This was after doing really well on Thursday.  Okay, I had some pork, and a candy bar.  But I had burned a ton of calories working out.  I'm not sure if my body is starting to anticipate the weekend gluttony and figured it was time to start packing it on or what.  I made a few bad choices Friday.  Chief among them was a breakfast burrito.  In my defense, it was a ham burrito instead of steak,sausage, or bacon.  Jared menu for lunch, and nothing really for dinner.
Morning Weigh In:
  • 184 (shame)
  • 23.5%
  • Total weight loss 15.8
Saturday, with a brighter outlook, I woke up and not surprisingly had gained another pound.  Although instead of tucking into another shameful breakfast.  I ate a little peanut butter on some of those nasty flatbread things and packed up some bike food.  I was joining Stan and the Utah Velo Club for the Annual-Sometime-In-February-Ride-To-Vernon-That-Is-Loosely-Associated-With-Brent-Rawlings-Birthday-That-This-Year-Is-Actually-Happening-In-March.  It's an 83 mile ride from Saratoga Springs to Vernon.  The highway through Fairfield is narrow, and loaded with rednecks and 18-wheelers.  So there is safety in numbers to head out that way, and there are usually anywhere from 20 to 50 riders that show up.  I had talked Cobourn into coming so I wouldn't be the only doughy foul mouth on the ride.  He came with on the condition that he could turn around at any point.  This worked fine for me since I was on call for work and taking an 80 mile bike ride is a bit risky.
It was a good ride.  I was pleasantly surprised by my fitness.  Usually this ride doesn't go well for me.  So when I was able to keep up and even do my share of pulling at the front, I was happy.  We had made good time to Five Mile Pass and started making our way towards Vernon.  This section of road is relatively deserted and usually in pretty good shape.  Though this year there were a lot of potholes to be avoided, when we reached Faust, Mephistopheles, err..uh..I mean Cobourn suggested we turn back.  We had reached the 32 mile mark and that makes for a metric century.  Another rider joined us and we fought a stiff headwind all the way  back.  Ate nothing but gels and energy foods while on the bike.  Though we did stop in Cedar Fort and grabbed a little beef jerky and trail mix.  After the ride Cobourn and I went for a some sushi.  I really felt like I had earned it since when I punched in the stats from my ride, I had burned over 3800 calories.  On longer rides like this it's not unusual for me to have lost a few pounds by the time I get home.  I came home and before getting in the shower jumped on the scale. 189 freaking pounds!!!!  I had gained four pounds on the ride.  What the hell!  If anything I should have been a little dehydrated and I'm quite sure that I hadn't eaten four pounds of food.
I am simply at a loss.  I contemplated opening a vein but decided against it.  I ended up going out to eat with the family for dinner which probably didn't help, but all told I still had a 3000 calorie deficit at the end of the day.  I just can't figure out what happened.

Morning Weigh In:
  • 185
  • 23.1%
  • Total Weight Loss 14.8(in the morning)
Sunday I woke up and drug my ass into the bathroom again.  Although I had lost one of the new pounds, I was still up three from the day before, and five from my lowest weight. Even though I take the weekends off, I managed to eat a lot of garbage today.  I wouldn't say a lot in volume, just several things that weren't very good choices.  Some candy, some crackers, a lot of sugar.  I may be back into the 190's tomorrow.  If you hear a mournful howl coming from the direction of American Fork tomorrow around 5 am, it's just me stepping onto the scale.  Oh well, back to chicken and spinach tomorrow. And more importantly, the gym.

Morning Weigh In:

  • 188.5
  • 22.5%
  • Total Weight Loss 11.3 

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    1. You're doing the right things, even if the scale shows otherwise. Hold the course and it should work out.