Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 29

Finally broke my previous low.  Dropped 2.8 pounds in 24 hours!  The cool thing is that my appetite has leveled off.  I'm eating according to my self imposed rules and at the end of lunch I'm satisfied.
Spin class by myself today.  Well me, a few spazzy women, and two spazzy men.  Jeff stayed home then ran with his wife.  Traitor.
After work I hustled to get a ride in before the sun went down.  The clouds came out so it wasn't really nice like earlier today, but it wasn't cold.  Things were going great until my front tire blew in Alpine.  This might be the first time I have ever blown a tire on the Langster.  I won't lie I pee'd a little when it went because I was going fast enough that I was having a hard time keeping up with the pedals.  Also it's a little harder to shift your weight off the front wheel until you can get stopped because you have to keep pedaling.  I survived though and only lost a few minutes swapping the tube.  Made it up to Lambert and flipped on the blinky for the ride home.  I got home just as the last sunlight faded.  I love feeling like I stole a ride from the day.
Another good day food wise.  Just ate two eggs on some flatbread for dinner and I'm done.  Ended up with about a 150 calorie deficit on the day.  Hopefully, I'll have another good loss tomorrow before the weekend.
Morning Weigh-In:
  • 182.6*
  • 23.4%
  • Total Weight Loss:17.2
*New low.

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