Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 30 (Not Quite A Month)

So Friday(yesterday) I marked the 30th day of this little project.  Though in truth it is only the 26th day of the diet portion.  If you'll remember I had a four day binge before I started that actual diet and exercise regime.  Monday should mark the technical four-week mark of the program.
I did something that is apparently annoying to other people.  I set my LoseIt account up to post to my Facebook feed.  It posts weight gains and losses, exercise, and the childish little badges it "awards" you for progress.  I thought it would be another step towards shaming my failures.  But now I see that it posts a lot.  I will probably keep it going for the short term, if it gets too annoying I will turn it off.
The other side-effect of the LoseIt posts is that it brings out the haters.  LoseIt posts: "I just spent 1 hour and 20 minutes biking and burned 1270 calories."  And a litany of Facebook friends comment that my counter is off, and that calorie counting doesn't work.  Okay, Slyfox Moonwillow tells me these things.  And to be fair his training regimen of smoked salmon,Mountain Dew, and Pizza, combined with scooter intervals is working great for him(dripping with sarcasm).
Fact is, I'm sure the numbers aren't dead on.  There is some level of consistency though, and it does seem to factor in things like age and current weight.  This is how Jeff and I can do the exact same exercise and his shows fewer calories burned.  Yet when we are on the treadmills with the heart rate monitors built into the handles, he shows more calories burned for the same workout.
There is one parameter that I trust however.  That scale in the morning.  Whether my calorie math adds up or not, I'm losing weight. Consistently and quickly.  How am I doing it?  Busting my ass, and limiting my calorie intake.
It sounds silly for a tubby guy to say he has a high metabolism.  But the fact that I was logging 5000 calorie days without even trying before this. Coupled with the fact that I hadn't broken 200 pounds seems to give the idea credence.  So it stands to reason that by consuming fewer calories than an average person, and working out twice as much as the average person, it works.
It ain't magic.

Morning Weigh-In:

  • 181.8
  • 22.1%
  • Total Pounds Lost:18

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  1. Dangerously close to breaking into the 170s. Good work.