Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 35

Lowlight of the day: I literally ate prison food for lunch.  I had packed a lunch and was planning on eating it.  But come lunch time I was working behind the secure gate of the Slate Canyon Youth Detention Facility in Provo.  It was easier to stay with the maintenance guy who was required to be with me at all times than to leave lockup and eat in my van.  It didn't taste too bad, a version of the classic "Shit On A Shingle"  Chipped beef or maybe Chopped Salisbury Steak, not sure.  I didn't get the toast that was made available but I did help myself to some tomato and onion salad, steamed broccoli/cauliflower/carrots and a scoop of mashed potatoes.  If I wasn't trying to lose weight it would have been a perfectly balanced and healthy lunch.  And it was free.  I even got a little carton of milk just like all the other elementary school kids.  Although these particular elementary school kids were in leg shackles and jump suits.
Highlight of the day:  I ordered a new road bike today.  A Tarmac Expert.  I am pretty stoked, it's the first carbon road bike I've ever had, and it's also the first new road bike I've ever had.  My previous bike was a Frankenstein affair that I cobbled together out of  ebay parts and mail order discounts.  It was a decent bike, but tooth-chippingly stiff and aggressive.  I spent all last season on Jeff's Cervelo Soloist, which was a nicer bike but offered the same ride characteristics as my '01 Allez-Frankenbike.  Having done a few rides on a Roubaix Demo Bike in the past couple weeks, I opted for the slightly more agressive geometery and stiffer frame of the Tarmac.  It's a compromise of sorts. So stoked.
I was on track to be in the 170's today but it was not to be.  I still had a loss, but it didn't dip quite as low as I was hoping.  After prison lunch and more lifting than cardio today, we'll see.  Hopefully it will be a St. Patrick's Day Miracle and I'll wake up in the morning to those blessed numbers "179.9"  Because either way, I will be fatter on Friday than I am tomorrow morning.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 180.2
  • 21.5%
  • Total Weight Loss: 19.6

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