Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 32 and 33

After a day of defending myself to unseen internet bastards, they got their way and Sunday morning I had gained...wait for it...SEVEN POUNDS SUNDAY MORNING!!!
That's right, in 24 hours I gained seven pounds. Even though I was comfortably under my calorie budget, had worked out Saturday morning, and had a positive mental attitude.  It got me to thinking.
All this time that people have been telling me that my weight loss represented only water weight loss, I am starting to believe that just the opposite is true.  On a normal day before I began trying to lose weight.  I would pee maybe 4-6 times a day.  Morning, Lunch, home from work,  mid-evening, before bed etc.  When I am on my game with the diet, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein prepared at home, mostly unprocessed foods.  I pee like a race horse. Constantly. To the point where it gets embarrassing walking past the same people to go to the bathroom at least once an hour.  When I pee,  it is clear and pure as the driven snow.  I have not been taking any Hydroxycut, Phen-phen, HCG, Viagra, Cialis, Restasis, Gyne-Lotrimin, nothing.  Just eating well.
My theory is that my regular diet is packed with Sodium.  Fast food, highly processed stuff, Hell, even energy gels and recovery drinks are loaded with sodium.  So last weekend when I rode to Vernon, I ate a pack of Margarita Shot Bloks(with extra sodium to prevent cramping), then went to sushi where everything was drenched in soy sauce.  On Sundays, I hit the forbidden fruit pretty hard. All of this drives up my sodium.
I think it makes me retain water like a pre-menstrual camel.  After Dickie's BBQ Saturday night, popcorn at the movie, popcorn at home, a couple of turkey weiners for lunch, and fast food for dinner Sunday,.  I tried to remember and can only think of three times that I pee'd Sunday.
Couple that with the fact that this morning, I was already back down 3.2 pounds.  And after a day of eating right again, I'm within two pounds of my lowest weight Saturday morning.  And pee'd like a rain-bird all day long.
No need to post Sunday's weigh-in, but rest assured it was high.  Plus I have to pee, so here's today's.

Morning Weigh-In(Monday):

  • 184.5
  • 21.4%
  • Total Weight Loss:15.3

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