Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 36: Happy St Fatty's Day

So many things went right today.  First off, it was St Patrick's Day.  Second, the instructor for the spin class threw her back out, so they just opened the room so we could spin in peace.  Third, I came home and had broken the 180 barrier. 
178.6 to be exact.
Fourth, my bike came in...

Sexy right? I snuck out of work early and stopped by the shop hoping that maybe it came in, but not really expecting to see it.  Jeff showed up about the time I opened the box, and we got it all built up.  This is the nicest road bike I have ever owned.  Just like me, there are a few places it could stand to lose a few, wheels being the most apparent, but as is, it comes in at a respectable 17 lbs.  The dollars to grams ratio was a little high for the higher class builds so I went with what I could afford.
The worst part of the day, was that I had a new bike, but couldn't ride it because I had to get to the McCarrel family St Patrick's Day Hullaballoo.  Basically just a feast.  St Patricks Day is a bigger deal than Thanksgiving in my family.  What started as a lark when we were all little has evolved into an important family tradition.  There is basically a complete Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey, ham, potatoes, etc.  Then corned beef and cabbage, Colcannon potatoes, soda bread and anything that can be dyed green.  Somewhere Key Lime Pie got mixed into the deal, with brownies, cupcakes and cookies for good measure.
My original plan was for today to mark the end of my program.  Lose as much as I could until St Patty's and then give up.  But with the progress I've made, I want to take it as far as I can.  My goal is 165.  I haven't weighed that since the Clinton administration. (Damn Republicans)  I was going to gorge myself tonight, but I felt like I needed to call my sponsor or something when I started to fill my plate.  I managed to show some restraint.  Ate almost exclusively protein.  Unfortunately, that included the corned beef, and the ham.  Both fatty, salty as hell, and dee-licious.  The only carbs I really caved in on were about four pieces of Irish Soda Bread.  It is a weakness.  Okay, I had a couple cookies, a cupcake, and a piece of Key Lime Pie too, but it's a holiday for Pat's sake.  Can you blame me?
I fully expect to weigh 183 in the morning. I can already feel my gut swelling.  I felt extra sexy all day until after the feast.  So many women were checking me out, honestly it was embarrassing.  But it looks like I'll be back in Clark Kent mode tomorrow.  And back to the gym.
Get back on that pony and ride bitches.
Morning Weigh In:

  • 178.6
  • 21.9%
  • Total Weight Loss: 21.2 

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