Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 41

I got up from the computer last night, shamefully walked upstairs and flopped down on the couch.  The kids had made popcorn and I couldn't resist the temptation so I made a bag for me and the Misses.  I began feel an overwhelming sense of self loathing as the minutes ticked by on the clock.  The gym closes at 10 pm and it was now after 9.  Since I had lifted in the morning I figured I needed some cardio.  But there were no spin classes, and I couldn't face the treadmill or the stupid grey track.  Who the hell's idea was it to paint that track the color of depression anyway? Also, now that I have tasted the joy of riding my bike outside it is even more difficult for me to get excited about sitting on the trainer. Then I had a revelation.  I had seen it once before in a film or something.  People can, under extreme circumstances, run OUTSIDE!  Thankfully there was nothing else left to watch on the DVR so my schedule was open.
I jumped up, and after a brief but pointed discussion about where the responsibilities lie regarding laundry protocol in our house, changed into my running ensemble.  I don't really own any running specific duds, but I have my stinky gym shorts, the cross trainer shoes I bought so I wouldn't have to wear skate shoes to the weight room anymore, and various bike shirts that work for most any athletic endeavor.  They work, but most of them look kind of silly unless you're on a bike.  Grabbed a long sleeve number that I avoid in any situation where people might be able to see my gut and headed out the door.

Observations on running:

  1. Running outside is exponentially better than running inside in any form. Just like cycling.
  2. Running is more conducive to headphones than cycling.  Headphones make any form of exercise more tolerable.
  3. Running in the cold is much more of a no-brainer than cycling in the cold.  It is possible to run in shorts and one layer of shirt and still break a sweat, even when it is 34 degrees.
  4. Running is the same kind of boring no matter what road you are running on.  Therefore, you can run anywhere.
  5. Running is way more boring than riding a bike. It gives you too much time to contemplate the mailbox, street sign, house, dog, streetlight, parked car, etc.  Because it takes you at least a minute to pass it.
  6. Running outside from your front door, requires you to keep running until you're done.  Because you have to get home.  Especially if you don't bring a your phone.
I set out at what I figured was a conservative pace.  I started on the route that I usually take to head up to Alpine on my bike.  East on 500 North up to the Rec Center. Then I headed over towards Art Dye Park.  I ran across the park and up to Murdock Canal on the north end.  At which point, I drained a little water weight, turned around and headed back.  If you live near Art Dye Park here are some words of advice.  Don't let your kids go there unsupervised.  Because if they are spending time there outside of Little League, it means they are either smoking pot, or practicing heavy petting.  I spent a few late nights there setting up the Clammy Cross course, and at 10 pm last night, both were a Bishop's nightmare.  You're welcome.
I was optimistic.  Feeling pretty proud of myself at maintaining a consistent pace and not suffering the joint pain that had accompanied all my prior attempts at running. I opted for the flatter route home, which took me over to 300 North.  Then at about Forbes Elementary(approximately the 4.5 mile mark) my right knee buckled like  a waterboarded GITMO prisoner.  Instantly.  I stopped and stretched it out a little, walked a few paces, then resumed a very deliberate, slow jog.  When I caught my shadow in the streetlights, I looked like a senior citizen.  All I was missing was the full length sweat pants and terry sweatband.  But I could go several blocks before I would have another knee episode.  I didn't want to walk the rest.  Mostly because walking hurt at least as bad as the senior citizen run I was devolving into.  What's more, walking and the Senior Citizen run were causing a ton of pain in my Achilles tendons and whatever tendon runs just outside my wedding tackle and down to the inside of my knee.  The last few blocks to my house involve a couple short downhills, which were terrifying.  I limped back into the front door after a little over an hour running and swore I'd never do that again.
I was a little late for spin class this morning, and then got stuck on one of the garbage bikes.  My quads and calves weren't terribly sore, but my hips and knees were killing me.  Luckily I got to spend the day climbing up and down various ladders so things didn't get much better at work.
After work, I went to the gym and spent some time in the weight room.  Getting my blood pumping did seem to alleviate some of the pain in my joints.  When I got home, I felt guilty about making a pig of myself at a carb and dairy heavy dinner.  My legs seemed a little better, so I thought I'd give it one more try but over a shorter distance.  I even took my crippled old dog as a pacesetter.  This proved difficult, because I spent the first half of the two miles I ran pulling him away from every vertical surface he could lift his leg on.  Then I spent the second half tugging on the leash to motivate a poor old dog who doesn't seem to have any more natural affinity for running than I do.  Oh, and my legs were killing me again.
Running is stupid.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 178.6
  • 21.3%
  • Total Weight Loss:21.2


  1. If you jack yourself up running and can't ride this weekend I am going to be pissed. STOP it!