Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 34

Today could have gone very badly as far as food was concerned.  I had a training meeting for work that lasted all day with lunch provided.  These are usually nasty buffets.  I didn't want to pack a lunch in there out of some weird pride thing so I figured I would make the best of whatever was offered.  I had a protein shake on my way there and avoided the doughnut/danish breakfast.  Then luckily they cheaped out on the lunch and had sandwiches.  I didn't do awesome, but it was a turkey sandwich.  Okay it was a turkey,avocado and bacon sandwich.  But I punched it all in and was still on track for the day, even with the bag of chips and three cookies I ate along with it.
I had been to spin class this morning which gave me a good headstart on the calorie count.  And I was planning a  ride up Suncrest with some guys from the shop after work which is always interesting.  When I got home Kellie had made this new salad thing with orzo, chicken,some veggies and this rice vinegar dressing.  Supposed to be around 250 calories a serving and it was good.  So good I crushed two servings of it and headed out the door for Suncrest.  We started by climbing Fort Canyon, then went up "the wall" and headed for Suncrest.  This is only the second time I have ever ridden Suncrest.  And just like I remembered, it sucked.  But I felt decent considering I was riding a 19 pound Roubaix that was a size too small, and I am still pretty tubby.  Legs felt good all the way to the last grunt before the top.  That is where I watched Kenny's narrow little ass scamper away from me.  It felt good to do a "real" ride though.
And yes kids, my weight was back down this morning.  I must be dehydrated again.
Morning Weigh-In:

  • 182
  • 22.1%
  • Total Weight Loss: 17.8

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