Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 31

I had made no great plans for today.  I had an invite from Bill to go mountain biking on the Provo BST, but with a couple household chores and the new St Patrick's Day version of Angry Birds Seasons coming out, I had a pretty full itinerary.
I woke up at a leisurely 7 am and decided I would grab a quick ride on the Langster.  I've got a nice little route up through Alpine that is my go-to.  I weighed in while changing and noted a 1 pound loss from the day before.  Normally I would be heading to the gym or spin class and I would wait to post my weight until after I got back to cheat the number down a little.  But I recorded the 180.8 and headed out for my ride.  A little chilly out at 36 degrees.  And before the sun broke out from behind the clouds, my fingers were getting pretty cold.  I have no idea if it's right, but I always feel like I'm burning more calories on a cold ride.  The theory being that goosebumps and shivering equate to a little more fuel burned.  It's a nice thought anyway.  By the time I turned around at Lambert Park and started heading home, the sun was coming out and all the trophy wives were out jogging and the weekend warriors were out on their Madone's. The correlation of Madone's to guys in full winter tights,lobster gloves and balaclava's is uncanny. It was a pleasant morning ride.
The ride was made even more pleasant when I came home, stripped off and jumped on the scale. 179.8  I have not seen those numbers, in that order for many years.  Granted, I was certainly a little dehydrated, and after a "weekends off" binge dinner with the family at Dickie's Pit BBQ(terrible service and mediocre food) I don't expect the number to stand in the morning.  But it is encouraging, nay, inspiring to know that it is physically possible for me to get on the scale and see anything under 180.  Normally, I find these little benchmarks to be a good excuse to end a diet.  I couldn't stop smiling after I got off the scale.  And now I'm wondering how far I can take this.  My theoretical goal was 165 but I didn't really have any intentions of reaching it.  Now I'm more than halfway there and I am renewed.
It didn't hurt that after my weigh-in my wife stuck her head into the shower to announce that our latest contest to see who could stay mad the longest was over and I had won.  I think she likes the idea of having a skinny man around because in between Angry Birds levels she sent the kids outside in favor of an Afternoon Delight.  Rawr.  According to LoseIt, that's like 37 calories burned.  47 if you're doing it right.

Morning Weigh-In:
  • 180.8
  • 22.1%
  • Total Weight Loss: 19

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